Love Poem: Reason and Desire

Reason and Desire

Covered with your mantle      you spirited me away
that form held my emotion          held me in its sway
herefore  you could view me         soul as clear as glass
wish do I its movements           desire never it to pass

Vision upon vision     opened mine eyes to see
need to build this life          for all of     humanity
I want to take your hand     and lead you to the door
fill you with inspiration         and lift you even more

I can build a ballroom      much greater in my mind
dance upon marbled floors     the room I did design
where the frames are gilded     with silver and with gold
here the strings of harps       the listeners ears enfold

I want to take every           pain from you away
and when you wake tomorrow       for nothing more to pray
want you to understand      I wrote this just for you
ever seek your happiness        where Love’s unbroken true
I never want you lingering           in the house of vain
I want to see you dancing     with joy in life’s refrain
to paint with every color    and play with every hue
to wake with a song in heart         and share the things you do 

If I could but reach you      and your spirit mend
shelter all your feelings            your life would I defend
I would give you blue skies   the mists of gentle rain
flowers in the springtime        an earth that’s rich in grain

But someone has already    given all these gifts
meant them for everyone    and not as man permits
but you must keep seeking       to fill yourself in kind
always to be generous        in actions and in mind 

To find a fluent master      who can teach you the right way
examine all of learning      apply it in every day
from a little seedling         did the tree of knowledge grow
until you can reach for life     and the beauty of it know

When you think your well is empty
and the depths within are dry
get up and seek the water
and to its sources fly

don’t linger in the darkness 
and traditions that are blind
in life to be exalting 
but you its paths must find
Life is a kind of music
and fathomless  its array 
it takes time and practice
to master the chords you’ll play

Take in life’s instruction
examine all in it that’s good
make your heart and mind the temple
and its teachings understood
COPYRIGHT © 2013 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC?