Love Poem: Reason
Aa Harvey Avatar
Written by: Aa Harvey



I’ve got a heart that is made from crystal;
I find diamonds behind your eyes.
And if there is no way that I am losing you,
Then I guess I’ll be doing alright.

You wear a black tiara upon your head
And you have Cupids arrow stuck inside your mind.
I hope he sent you here to comfort me,
Because I need you to kiss me tonight.

If there is nothing left to lose, then give me hope or something;
All I ask of you is that you send me a sign.
If we lose all we have and I never get to see you again,
I know the angels will be cursing our luck, because of our plight.

Up there in Heaven they decided to put us together
And only you can tear this love heart apart.
If only we could make love last until the end of time,
We could be so happy with each other under these stars.

When I rise, I want to rise with you already up there;
If you’re still here, then I will never want to leave.
But if you’re waiting for me in Heaven with your loving care,
I will accept my fate and live while I can; but this life I will not grieve.

You are a golden heart in a land without colour;
You’re a morning sun in a land without light.
I know in my heart I could be with no other,
Because you are the purest love and my reason to rise.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.