Love Poem: Realm of Desire
Subimal Sinha-Roy Avatar
Written by: Subimal Sinha-Roy

Realm of Desire

The sparkling sapphire water designs crystal dreams of the bottomless lake, the veil of seraphic night slowly falls, swaddling us ever so very close. When the slices of scintillating moon the rhythm of unbroken ripples shakes, the blithe breeze glides with fervor from the garden with the scent of rose. I lie on the enamored cradle of bliss in the embrace of your ivory arm, your satin ebony hair cascades to caress gently my fascinated face. In your luscious lilac lips I feel the touch of your emotion warm, while in the endless flood of stardust I swim on your everlasting grace. The nectar of avid ardor I drink from the fountain of your heart, in your seething embrace of longing my boundless craving turns into fire, welding us in the ember of love that won’t ever make us apart, for together we’ll travel entranced to the limitless realm of dreamlike desire. The tapestry of togetherness we’ll weave with the mesmerizing moonbeam strand. When for us the new sun will rise again, opens the petals of the crimson dawn on the dew glittered meadow of yearning, reflecting infinite ecstasy, there we’ll stand till the end of the tantalizing time when twilight gleam will illumine our eternal horizon.
June 5, 2021 Contest : Writing Prompt-Endless Sponsor : Constance Le France