Love Poem: Reality Vol.Ii
Corey Ross Avatar
Written by: Corey Ross

Reality Vol.Ii

Ya know alot of people talk about
truth, reality, fact, fiction ya know
hypocrites in da church even the 
Apostle Paul witnessed these so called
divisions, but my focus, where I shine my
light today is on marriage. Yeah true
God adores it, thinks highly of it and 
this here is the perfect topic for discussion
yeah it looks easy when ya see it,
two people deeply in love with each other
best friends turned lovers leaving ya parents 
house to live in holy matrimony with each other
Beautiful right?

Aite now hears the grim truth God's always testing
you and the devils always tempting you 
so you try to stay strong. Dedication, honor, 
respect, loyalty forget special occasions candle 
lit dinners whenever to let ya spouse know to 
you they're more than royalty, but life ain't easy
let alone marriage it's far from simple. But question?
How hard is it really thru your years of hurt,
to let that special someone know that your willing
to go that extra mile to make it work. How you
gonna stand when you gotta patiently wait for God
when love hurts and it gets too hard. Thru ya worst 
time would you still let ya spouse climb into ya mental,
God loves a sanctified Christian but the flame in some
marriages is something most couples really need to rekindle.
So tell me whether good or bad times loyal or dishonest 
before you decide to throw in the towel maybe you 
should think long and hard about ya promise.