Love Poem: Real Recognize Real
Richard  Nnoli Avatar
Written by: Richard Nnoli

Real Recognize Real

Real recognize real 
While I walk through the seasons of life 
I meet alot of souls along the way 
Some was nice 
Some was wrong 
Some was good 
Alot was bad 
Some was intimidating
Some was just friends
Alot was selfish
Too many was greedy 
Despite all I meet on this Journey
There was the little few 
Whose personality were beyond words cos 
Real recognize real 

Real recognize real 
All I  needed was what money can't buy 
I don't ask for your ego or your level 
I just wanted realness
No faking around 
Life is short and I got no time 
To retain it shorter than supposed 
So I seek for my kind
They are not easy to come by 
They are not everywhere 
They are few who wear the lense of nature
They are not common
And when ever I find one 
We connect so deeply 
So happy with warming heart 
We dont need money to stay in connected 
Cos is not easy to come across realness
No wonder 
Real recognize real