Love Poem: Real Love
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Written by: Johnathan Gore

Real Love

Real love. What could it be?  Could it be a beautiful person that you see or a friend for life and eternity?  Real love, the way it is sought by me is that of a companionship. To hold and care for a person. To be there a rough times. To pick ten up and direct them down a straight path. To cherish every moment with a person, to open the doors of their heart and have nothing split one another apart. To work as a team. To have every thing you could every dream. Real love is to be honest an true because one day it could be you. I could be you in the future seeking real love. To spread you wings and soar like a dove. To cherish that special someone, to play and have fun. Think about it and be very smart to open up your arms an let someone touch your heart. That's
Real love.