Love Poem: Real Life Fairytale
Hector Leyva Avatar
Written by: Hector Leyva

Real Life Fairytale

Love stories, princesses, knights,
Mideaval nonsense and there funny tights.
Dragons, castles and magic,
Everything has a happy ending, never tragic.

Love at first sight, a kiss,
A happy forever-after, total bliss.
One single kiss saving a life,
A beautiful princess becoming one's wife.

A horse ridden into the sunset,
Carrying a couple who has just met.
Beautiful fairy tales I believed to be fiction,
Non-existent and in danger of extinction.

Now, a pair of eyes hypnotize me instantly,
Cherry red lips drive me to the point of insanity.
Her very voice is echoed in my thoughts,
A simple fairy tale, no danger, no plots.