Love Poem: Reading Signs
Kenny Malone Avatar
Written by: Kenny Malone

Reading Signs

they shared a smoke
at a friends back door
he remember the moon
how high it sore
go back inside
across a wooden floor
the party was winding down
she diddnt show it but he felt her frown
she said come back to mine
not looking for a sign

the party lasted
for a week and a half
all around in the aftermath
is no fun
and no more laghfs
they finaly straghtend out
he should of turned about
but he thought it would be fine
but he never seen the sign

all he wanted was
some one to love
spent his prayers
to the lord above
it just wasnt enough
she just made him see
how hard it can be
she just made him blind
and couldnt see the sign

she should of wated
just a little longer
sure it would of
made her stronger
its all empty wonder
of what could of been
an what they could of seen
should of gave herself mor time
but she never seen the sign

she got her friends
thats all she needs
she is keeping on
and planting seeds
her personality that she feeds
is growing every day
her sky is blue not grey
she got her toe on the line
and reading all the signs

as lightning struck
it hit him bad
when she was gone
he was more than sad
and spent his nights
out with the lads
in every club in town
he never sees her around
beets himself up inside
cos he never seen the sign

he grew his hair
an bought new clothes
she ties her hair
up in bows
further appart
each day they grow
mabey one day theyll meet
walking down the street
an say hay im doing fine
watch out for the sign