Love Poem: Raqs Zanjeer Pahen Kar Bhi Kiya Jata Hay
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Written by: Saadia Syed

Raqs Zanjeer Pahen Kar Bhi Kiya Jata Hay

Raqs Zangeer Pehen Kar Bhi Kiya Jata Hay.
“I love you. I can’t live without you. I am sorry.”
She is bleeding from her nose.
She frowns at him and run outside.
He follows her, “Please stop, don’t worry. Don’t leave me. 
It is a mistake. You hurt my pride.
You question me and my love for you.
By not listening to what I asked for and not following through.”
He bawls, “I don’t mean to hurt you. I am trying to control.
I am your husband and it is my role,
To keep you in-line and in-check.
To stop you from becoming the crazy chick.”
She opens the door.
Looks at herself in the mirror, hanging in the corridor.
Her nose is bleeding. Her face is red.
“How can I go in the public, after my nose bleed?”
Her hesitant feet, shaky hands and embarrassed face.
He sees that and knows that he has win this race.
“No one will trust you.” He says to her.
“No one will understand that why you kept on living with me. 
I am a respectable and honorable man.
If you think you can destroy me by leaving, outside is your van.” 
He orders, “You can take your filthy, incompetent self out of my home. 
My kids are staying with me. You can’t take them out of their room.”
She freezes, closing the door behind her.
Her head down, face wet and her eyes blurry.
And when she speaks it is as if everything is rosy.
She says, “I love you and, I know that you’re sorry.”
That was yesterday.

Sitting next to him in the car with kids in the back.
Everyone looks happy, everyone is gay.
She glances at his olive face and whispers to her heart.
“I am so glad that my family is intact.
Not to break them apart is so smart.”
He kiss her on her branded cheek.
When he gets out of the car.
Opening the car door for her he proclaims.
“You are my princess, my heartbeat. You are my better half.”
What happened yesterday? Just flushes out of her memory and heart.
And it ends up in the gutter. 

Saadia Syed