Love Poem: Raptures of the Deep
Hannington Mumo Avatar
Written by: Hannington Mumo

Raptures of the Deep

Had I those depths that elsewhere thrive,
Swiftly I’d into your blissful fathoms dive;
And bid old pangs on the loveless shore
Eternal bye as I toe and hair slink below. 

Breathlessly I’d raptured sink down till
Heart and mind grow all mute and still;
And yet explore your depths’ fairer find
By dainty dints of amorous ions twined.

I’d not satisfied yield to early pleasures
That delude shallower ocean creatures;
Deeper yet would my rapt cruising go,
Farther byeing old pangs of the shore.

If transient blisses be earlier found
In my fishy drifts downward bound,
Savor them I may but further glide
Beyond easy pies Romeos deride. 

At last methinks I should espy
Your ocean’s bed before I die;
And even if not I must for now 
Sink yet for deeper feel below.