Love Poem: Ramblin On
Ronald Bingham Avatar
Written by: Ronald Bingham

Ramblin On

As I sit on my porch in the evening air,
    Staring off in to space knowing you are there.
Hoping somehow I might get a reflection of heaven so fair.
    Or maybe glimpse an angel as it glides thru the air.
The Rapture I feel is growing closer with each passing day,
    Preachers speak with excitement and you can feel it in the words that they say.
No one knows the day, but the signs are so bright and clear.
    It could be any time as I check to see if I’m still here.
Can’t you picture it standing there in front of Heavens own gate,
    As your name is called to step forward won’t that be great?
In your brand new glorified body no more pain will you feel,
    No more sickness or strife that’s part of the deal.
Then I catch the sound of a sparrow out in my old tree.
    Guess I was daydreaming on the way it could be.
Well I get up and stretch and head back in the house,
    And sit down for supper and thank God for my spouse.
We’ve got a big old pot of red beans and rice,
     Some left over roast with hot cornbread so perfectly sliced.
There is plenty for all so grab a plate and sit down,
     And eat till your full fore heading back into town.
We don’t always have a whole lot,
     But we’re pleased to share what we’ve got.
It’s rib stickin food that makes you feel good.
     Stop and sit a spell when you’re out in our neck of the woods.
Guess I’d best get ready for bed,
      I’ve enjoyed the talking just hope you enjoyed what I said.
Goodnight all !!!