Love Poem: Raindrops and Tearfalls
Michael Todd Avatar
Written by: Michael Todd

Raindrops and Tearfalls

The cool mists
	of morning
became the warm rains
	of evening.

As I walk and ride
	through raindrops
I pray for and miss you
	and tears begin to fall.

I wonder what kind
	of day you've had,
delightful or just dreary
	like the rain outside.

Given enough time apart
	my tearfalls
will soon match
	any good hard rain.

So, I ask God for mercy
	for me and you
so we'll be allowed
	another visit, just us two.

When that will be
	only He knows
and I can't wait
	till Time slows.

For when we're together
	in rain or sunshine
no matter the weather,
	I'll be yours and you'll be mine.

Let the waters pour down
	in each others arms is where
true love can be found
	and only tears of happiness fall there.