Love Poem: Raindrops, Teardrops
Cheri Teng Avatar
Written by: Cheri Teng

Raindrops, Teardrops

The daylight's gone and dusk has come,
The heavens make a mumbling sound
Of raindrops on my window glass-
It brings me to a soulful past.
I travel back to naivety-
My hundred days of love and pain.
But nay, that love was all in vain,
The prize of broken heart is gained.

Now gloom is brought by dark'ning skies,
The sunlight's beauty dies.
I hide in this cold corner,
And love lost is remembered.
An uninvited memory from yesterday
Brought tears in mid-September.

From unknown depth there's no pretence,
I broke my fragile innocence.
I bore a cut that only time could heal
A living scar makes it too real.
My shivered nerves have numbed my veins,
My senses almost gone.

The lightning flash from heaven's wrath
Reminds me of my undoing.
And finally the thunder growls,
At once, my tear ducts break.
As raindrops kiss my window glass
My teardrops fall at last.