Love Poem: Rain
Ceci Viktoria Avatar
Written by: Ceci Viktoria



The rain can tell you so much
It holds comfort 
It holds your pain
Hope and loneliness 
I remember the rain
Loving the gloomy look outside as a child 
The way it made hot days in Texas feel cozy 
The way it comforted me when loved ones died
How I felt it was by my side sharing my pain and crying along side 

It gave me the wonderful illusions of day dream when I was young and never had my heart strummed 
Reminiscent of the sound of innocence

Rain made me feel so much
When we were so in love and so new
Getting caught in the rain and having to pay for pizza with change 
How we ran home
In all our wet clothes then we made love 
Ate the pizza cold and watched the rain waiting for our love story to be told

It rained when we broke up and I walked home 
Winter came and Christmas wasn’t the same 
The rain stayed away
But then It rained on New Years Day 
It came with all It’s might
With heavy thunder 
I could only wonder what tomorrow would bring 

I let the rain renew and wash over me
For now it brings nostalgia for all things sweet 
A reminder of emotions that stirred my heart 
It is part 
of me 
Rain is unpredictable but it’s there from the start to be whatever you want it to be and to heal your heavy heart 
Thank you, RAIN