Love Poem: R3asons 4 Ing Blu3
Latisha Parkinson Avatar
Written by: Latisha Parkinson

R3asons 4 Ing Blu3

Blue is the color of the sky
The color of the ocean
There isn't a single reason why
You wouldn't love blue

Just look at the rivers and lakes
They're just so peaceful
And the hills,mountains and plains
Are simply a work of art

The ink I'm writing this in is blue
And just look at the saying
Blue, blue God love you
You can't argue with that

It represents peace and serenity
It's calming and strong
And it holds nature's true beauty
It's just deep and stable

It symbolizes trust and loyalty
Wisdom and confidence
Intelligence and royalty
Best of all it's gender neutral

This is just a mere hint or a clue
Scientifically proven facts
These are my reasons for loving blue
(Bear in mind I kept the list short)