Love Poem: Puzzle it Out
Mitchell Griswold Avatar
Written by: Mitchell Griswold

Puzzle it Out

Figure me this,  puzzle it out.
Summing up for me beyond any doubt.
Add it all now,  total it for me.
I desire an answer most completely.

What are the factors that come into play.
Where are all the pieces and where do they lay.
Search for me and let me know.
Don't keep me in the dark,  light up the show.

Illuminate the way, teach me the lessons.
Step by step,  don't miss any sessions.
I am sure the answer is somewhere out there.
Please help in this question, it's answer to bare.

Knowing the solution to this challenge at hand.
Has been a frustration to every woman and man.
Figure me this,  puzzle it out.
What in the world is love all about.