Love Poem: Prom
William Hughes Avatar
Written by: William Hughes


You are extremely beautiful
Your smile your laugh and the way you carry yourself
I haven't known you long, and may never see you again
But as of now you keep my heart beating

I want to dance with you, that night at prom
See you happy all night long
Cuddled up, dancing side by side
Impressing others, suited up in white

I'm in love with your eyes, a deep stormy gray
And with you I'd like to spend these last few days
Sweet beautiful lady i want to make you mine
And i need to now, i don't have much time

Lets be together, at least for the rest of this year
It would ease the pain, to have you close and near
Bear with me, you amaze me so
And i want you close to me, until its time for me to go