Love Poem: Poise Met Noise
John Watt Avatar
Written by: John Watt

Poise Met Noise

untranscribable ~ 
imbibable, your exotic, quixotic perfume
spiraled me into a quandary
of dirty laundry, penance,
no superintendents in attendance

I come from ragged boys, no poise,
just noise ~ a quiver of quavers,
no saviors of silence,
but if some sap sullies our sister
we'll flatten him

you come from platinum
a blessed nest of nuance,
a quay of kindness,
finesse, fineness ~
savvy sophistication, subtlety
a quaint saint I ain't

then poise met noise
you became my bible;
undeniable, heavy sighable, 
unclassifiable ~

Written 12 Feb 2021