Love Poem: Pledge
Keith Bickerstaffe Avatar
Written by: Keith Bickerstaffe


Whene'er you feel dismay my own heart aches, 
that you should suffer so without release, 
I would engage the hurt for both our sakes, 
absorb the pain, and set your soul at peace. 
For I can ne'er be still'd whilst you are filled 
with anguish, your tranquility dis-eased, 
we two as one, our aggravations spilled 
and blended 'til the torment be appeased. 
To find a way from darkness into light, 
to cast away your feelings of despair 
we will prevail, that all our days be bright, 
and you shall rest content within my care;
   this spell of trepidation disappears
   as with my love you overcome your fears.