Love Poem: Oyster Bar Confessions
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Written by: Brian Johnston

Oyster Bar Confessions

I hate to admit it, but I do love oysters!
Sigh! Cream stewed with oysters! Wow! Chilled on the half-shell,
Tomato based sweet sauce has horseradish kick!
Though all oysters are slimy,  the sauce laid on's thick!

You may think this poet's just kissing the Blarney,
Baked oysters, cheese, spinach, food comfort for lovers!
Don't care if you eat them; I'll dine with the rich!
A short wait is required, but no carnival pitch!

Already I'm hungry to get my next serving.
A white wine that's dry helps the oysters keep surfing
As tongues press their flesh to a taste of the sea,
Like a siren, next course rocks mysteriously!

Brian Johnston
15th of August 2018