Love Poem: Our Best Pal, Blackie
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Written by: Jo Daniel

Our Best Pal, Blackie

She was the best pal we ever had,
Thinking about her still makes me sad,

Quietly wagging her tail for her food,
Silently waiting like a friend so good,

She survived death scare two times that year,
We prayed for her healing, God did hear,

She knew whom to bark at, scared them bad,
She was the best pal we ever had,

Following us all around to be petted,
Love she did not lack, nor once we regretted,

When she fell sick, she had us cuddling her,
Trips to the doctor, we went juggling her,

Ten long years, she stayed with us happy,
Never once did she become snappy,

In times of sorrow, she made us glad,
She was the best pal we ever had.