Love Poem: No Title
Brooke Mitchell Avatar
Written by: Brooke Mitchell

No Title

My blood sugar drops./ No longer in tip top shape. In a dazed state, I underrate the truth in 
every word./ I wish my song was as beautiful as that of a birds./ And my connection to the 
earth, was as strong as that of a worms./ We live our lives afraid of germs: microscopic 
beings we can't disturb./ Unable to control that which is not seen./ Irradiating the seeds to 
everything green, so that when the heart of a child sings, they won't know what it means./ 
They've been transformed into spritually impaired sentient beings. In love with superficial 
things./ Blinded by the idea that love resides in a pair of expensive gold rings./ Deaf to the 
lullaby that mother earth sings.