Love Poem: Nickesha
L'Nass Shango Avatar
Written by: L'Nass Shango


Your eyes, gosh! Your eyes 
Gashes everywhere like night, set ablaze 
By a thousand peonies, a little boy 
Looking up the Retreat Mountain saw, 
And fancies since then could see the soul 
Of cold ambition's fire burning 
In your thousand silences, a bold 
Driving of you just like your mother 
To dashing flights of light 
By any means necessary. 
Your eyes burn from your belly up 
Like Abraham knowing hope 
Was not the spilt milk in the cup 
So I catching your flight 
Beg you do not scream again 
War is part of the pain of growng up 
Of separating flights, keep it silent 
And wth your strength 
I will lift you up. Love never relents 
Even when your eyes are not penitent.