Love Poem: My Tiger, His Prey
Tera  Brown Avatar
Written by: Tera Brown

My Tiger, His Prey

These cuddly creatures,
Maybe be soft and sweet,
But they do have a temper,
That ones believe is not true,
The sharp evasive claws,
Jagged pointy teeth,
Make up for the fur,
That others believe is nice and neat,
The beautiful colors,
Sometimes with spots,
Don't make them mad,
You might see a different side,
Thats just not so glad,
You wonder what this creature is,
I wonder if I should say,
I wonder if you can handle it,
Just from day to day,
It's new very own creature,
I call him,
My tigers eye,
He's very beautiful,
I found him in a shop,
I have lost one of my body parts,
I picked him up,
Gave him love,
Let him stay,
Took him home,
My tiger,
His prey.....