Love Poem: My Love Affair With Orange
Caren Krutsinger Avatar
Written by: Caren Krutsinger

My Love Affair With Orange

Orange is my utmost best color, my best friend, my girl.
She laughs from the rooftop, and she makes me mouth curl.
She glitters and she shines, her happy feelings for me.
Today I may take out my paints and paint an orange tree.

Most of my women cartoon paintings are ginger heads.
They come into my mind before I get out of bed.
I look around the bedroom and I laugh and I sing.
My many red-haired paintings, it makes my mind truly zing.

I have a paisley orange shirt and an orange evening gown.
Some people want my autograph, and mob me in town.
I do not dare wear either of them on my shiniest day.
I would be so manic, the mental police would cart me away.