Love Poem: My love
Ike  Francis  Avatar
Written by: Ike Francis

My love

Love is like a flame in the heart's hearth 
A warmth that spread, that comforting mirth 
Love is that finger that trace an invisible line
That touch that lingers,so sweet,so Divine

Love is like the dawn breaking through 
With golden promises and sky anew
That embem of grace, Garden in bloom 
Symphony of colors, banishing all gloom

Love is a lighthouse in stormy sea
That Bright small light in the darkest sea
Like a moonbeam on a tranquil night
Casting slivery dreams ,so soft and light

Love is like a newborn gaze,so pure and bright
Like a butterfly in bucolic sight 
Love is that whisper so bold yet untold 
That spark, that mark and treasure to behold