Love Poem: Mutable Et Varium
Ron Porter Avatar
Written by: Ron Porter

Mutable Et Varium

Oh! Woman you change your mind so fast!
The ways you feel; they never last.
Your love comes and goes and comes again
You seem to have the attention span of a gnat.

Like an errant wind; first hot, then cold, you blow.
What you feel, if it's real, even you don't know.
Your mood swings high, then you drop so low.

I get caught up in your stormy emotions-
Like a leaf whirling in the swirling wind.
It's time for this cyclone of chaos to end!
I won't endure such pain again.
You only lose a love; I'll always been your friend

That's one thing we have that's fixed to last-
Even with you changing your mind so fast.