Love Poem: Morning Psalm
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Written by: Leon Enriquez

Morning Psalm

(Dedication: To "All-That-Is" -- 
"In You we move and breathe
and have our being."

My darling God, my dearest Lord:
Your love is great, your peace is sound.
Make my heart laud, may my soul horde;
Oblige my traits, observe my grounds;
Reach deeper still, rest firmer feel;
Niche in my heart, nest in my soul;
Incline your will, inscribe what heals;
Now let love start, new ways made whole;
Glimpse Spirit clear, grace that sparks cheer.
Poise in the light, praise in the groove;
Surpass fond cheer, surprise right here;
Appoint my night, appease day's moves;
Lord grant me quests, love works the best;
My God I rest, my Lord fling zest!

Leon Enriquez
23 July 2014