Love Poem: Midlife Crisis
Debjani Mitra Avatar
Written by: Debjani Mitra

Midlife Crisis

Bewildered in crossroad of crisis midlife 
steel wool clouds loom in porcelain sky
Confused and wearied in stubborn strife 
autumn leaves chased in wild winds fly

Unmerciful corrosion honing voids deep
contort soft green tendrils into hard wood 
Evaporated twilight tears no longer weep
in stream of subconscious, all understood.
blemish and freckles all wrinkled within 
yet in seal of love cuddled relations attach
Weeds align rosy bush, both smile and grin 
desire of fancy blings, grow in greeny patch 
No surprise of a palette of nebula rainbow
In signature of autopilot, many years to go.