Love Poem: Lover's keeper
Ayodele Akitola Avatar
Written by: Ayodele Akitola

Lover's keeper

As I lay in wait
My heart aches
For the love that I have lost
For the love that I must find

For I shall have no love left to give 
If I do not find,
the love that I let slip-
Far far away,
On the other side
Where it surely is not greener

Why have I,
Let a piece of my love die?
Under the almond tree,
where secrets were shared
And words were coerced from my lips
now pursed in bitterness,
Left there by the love 
That I must find

Who shall I give this lost love to?
once it is not returned to its owner
Who shall now bear the responsibility
of a Lover's keeper
I will not let another piece die
Else, surely, I will too.