Love Poem: Love Is Fleeting, Love Never Was
Meagan Price Avatar
Written by: Meagan Price

Love Is Fleeting, Love Never Was

"love is fleeting"
love is untrue
love is jealous
love is a liar
love killed trust
love is filth
love is arrogant
love laughs at honesty
love ruined my chance
love threw away my happiness
so love could keep me hostage
love is disgusting
love enrages me
love is unbearable
love is a joke
love is ignorant
love is not true
love loves no one
love loves itself
love hates you
love is fake
love broke me
love had me blindfolded
love will not win, not the long haul
love is an oxymoron.
"love is fleeting"
"Love" never was.

To 'my' "love"