Love Poem: Lord I am truly
Akilah Babb Avatar
Written by: Akilah Babb

Lord I am truly

Lord I am truly great full
For all you've  done for me
Enemies cannot clearly see
How much you love  me
So supernaturally 
They have expected my death 
Some many times
But because of Chist 
He brought me our of the hospital 
Made a way before
Another stormy night
Lord,I am so greatly for my faith in you
You're always there 
Every time I'm in trouble 
Woooh that migraine came to pass
Just when I thought 
Everything would end
For even usi ng enemies  to help
Lord,I thank you 
I  give you the glory,honor,and praise
Ohhh how I love the Holiness of your
Yesterday,today,and forever
You remain the same 
Lord,I'm so greatful