Love Poem: Loaf To Love
Shishir Gupta Avatar
Written by: Shishir Gupta

Loaf To Love

She was emaciated,
smiled feebly,
her chiseled features sharpened,
in that painful effort,
she must have grimaced,
in a collasal skeletal shake,
with the effort of having to smile,
and going that mental and physical mile,
she did that and other sale tactics,
before the guy nodded her on,
she came a little later,
with a little envelope,
that had her earnings,
she moved to corner shop,
eating a loaf,
before moving on to her next hop,
there she earned her next loaf,
her loaf after loaf for dough,
went on to,
till she was dpreciated and bad,
with used parts all and new none,
I do not know at which point,
she felt love hone.