Love Poem: Living Day To Day
Robin Davis Avatar
Written by: Robin Davis

Living Day To Day

It has been a little scary
And I'm just a wee bit wary
Going on without your love
Now your an angel up above
Taken away from me so quick
Life plays a really cruel trick
When the one you love is taken
Leaving you insanely shaken
Not knowing if you'll survive
 Feeling  as if a knife
Was plunged right inside your heart
Your stomach tied up in knots
Day by day the pain is worse
Praying you could just reverse
The fateful day you wont forget
But you can't cause it is set
In stone under solid ground
Gently you place all around
Flowers on a sad cold grave
Tears falling from a face so brave
Wanting dearly to hold on
To a love that is now gone