Love Poem: Living a Poet's Life.
Kelsey Kopec Avatar
Written by: Kelsey Kopec

Living a Poet's Life.

Hopelessly waiting for things to happen
Rhymes floating in my mind all day
With feelings expressed in little words
I live a poet's life.

Soft bongo sounds playing in my mind
Daydreaming of love, flowers, and things i find
I never want to be blind
I live a poets life.

Counting syllables for haikus
A number of free verses written in my notebook
Not to mention sonnets for the one i love
I live a poets life.

Living in my own little world
A place where danger is not alive
Peaceful and careless but sometimes dark
I live a poets life.

I live a poets life
Poems for every subject
And to tell the truth
I wouldnt want to live it any other way.