Love Poem: Laminated Love
Poet Destroyer A   Avatar
Written by: Poet Destroyer A

Laminated Love

Frozen flames pressed between each sheet
I flip every page while taking notes
Censoring every event in my past 
I fall deep when staring at the painting on the wall	
Every blink feels the same when in love  
However, on this one night, I stumbled 
On a certain page, I found my heart beating twice
The roof at this moment allowed the moon to illuminate inside.	
A memory unfolded while I held your hand, 	
Repainting our years, a devoted love
At the heart of everything, I've forgotten this feeling
The canvas opens more than an old chapter
the beautiful canvas, tied by solid gold.
Flames brush every wall as we age as one	
In perfect harmony. TOGETHER 
Laminating our love forever