Love Poem: Knock, Knock
Ann Foster Avatar
Written by: Ann Foster

Knock, Knock

Knock, Knock

I missed my bus. 
I am going to be late. 
Class will start without me. 
They will be mad..
at me. 

Are you up yet?
It is only a few minutes passed...
Yet my world is crumbling
as if it were high noon---
and the crowd is gathering,
to watch.

I did everything you said. 
I set the alarm. 
I went to bed. 
I know I was up...
in the middle of the night, 
but it could not be helped.
I am young,
and have so much...
too much,
on my mind. 

Can you hear me? 
I am calling your name. 
Not for the first time, 
never for the last...