Love Poem: Just Thinking
Akilah Babb Avatar
Written by: Akilah Babb

Just Thinking

Um I'm a Christian,but
Life is hard
One thing is not hard
Standing up for Jesus my God
Woooh,getting to me?
Painful,but through the winds
His love I always see
Feeling his supernatural touch
Is better than the sex I've had with any
Unsaved man
His plans we could Nevada understand 
Tugh ahhhh His Holy Spirit in
His woman
Even men that are gang members 
Can't comprehend
See they want my body
But they want nothing to do with 
My Son of Man
Just thinking and praying 
Who my godly husband 
And Father to my godly kids
I'm pray for might be
Just thinking what life in heaven will be like
When I go up to the man
Who died for me at Calvary