Love Poem: Journey of a thousand miles
hudhaifah siyad Avatar
Written by: hudhaifah siyad

Journey of a thousand miles

With hopes to get ya glance
I came, all way from France, 
Left out, all my intended plans, 
Forgot about all my vast expenses,, 
To just prove my myriad romance, 

On 21st September, i did commence, 
A journey of a thousand miles, 
To a far world to advance, 
To show love of great allegiance, 
To express mine, not a mere pretense.

It was a persistent diligence, 
An earnest persistence, 
It was an evident obedience, 
A significant vigilance, 
It was a concordant promise, 
To never leave ya heart in open space.

Dear, don't be one of disobedience, 
Don't initiate an undesired process, 
Don't bring down our love's great success, 
And from others maintain an abstinence