Love Poem: Inadequate
Malvika Shanker Avatar
Written by: Malvika Shanker


Human nature is such
All you need is much 
Whatever you have is less 
You always stay in a mess.

Content are few
Not in search of something new
Values are not valuable enough
To assess the available stuff

Love is inadequate 
So are the feelings.
Words are inadequate, 
So is the meaning.

Inadequate is normal now
Sufficient will lead to a 'wow'
Its wise to find sufficiency 
In all sorts of inadequacy.

Contentment cannot be bought
It comes from within the heart.
It is a form of acceptance, 
Without any reluctance.

It is a sign of maturity, 
That overlooks all scarcity.
It's not the end of life , 
It's the glimpse of a new light.