Love Poem: In Yestersmiles of You
Arturo Michael Avatar
Written by: Arturo Michael

In Yestersmiles of You


When we were young

We ran in circles 

We had fun

Skipping over puddles

As we played

We’d sing and dance in rain


I often recall

We’d be hugging 

All night long

I'd feel you breathing softly 

Next to me

In vivid memories

The Yesternights

When we would walk

Along the beach 

The silence talked

Arm in arm we'd danced

Each wave our lips romanced

Heaven was in the sands 

Rushing under our feet 

Now YesterSmiles

Come shining thru

Like the dawning light of blue 

Welcome a new morning

Even though

The rain is falling

Our love be forever true...     

In YesterSmiles of YOU