Love Poem: In the Mood For Rock:
White Wolf Avatar
Written by: White Wolf

In the Mood For Rock:

It's just so good the sound of Rock 'n' Roll,
Add in rhythm and blues it's hard to choose,
The way it moves you touches your soul,
It's great the feeling when you have the blues.

Playing some AC/DC in the night,
Or Muddy Waters and Stevie Ray Vaughan,
Guaranteed it will make you feel alright,
Some prefer to listen to a love song.

Personally, I love guitar music,
Jimi Hendrix is my favourite one,
The way he strummed those strings with his pick,
And I love many songs that he has sung.

So the next time you may be feeling down,
See a live band, have a night on the town.
(Ten syllables per line)