Love Poem: If I Know
Fatima Nusairat Avatar
Written by: Fatima Nusairat

If I Know

If I just know!
It wouldn't fell down
From the years of life 
My raptures, 
Or in the windward
My tales were uprooted!

If I know!
I would love in sadness-
The stillness of water,
The coldness ah
In the night candle!
But still burning in absences!

If I know!
I would not-squandered time 
Watching -in the sky of love 
A bird to soliloquy!

If I know!
I would wrote- more of love poems
I would not bartered between 
The sun in your palms and
Pale moon in my ends 

If I just know!
I would not lose years 
Chasing illusion in summer
To plant it, in winter 

Written by © Fatima Nusairat