Love Poem: I Will Always Be Faithful
Robin Davis Avatar
Written by: Robin Davis

I Will Always Be Faithful

Please do not start a big fight
Because I will only bite
Like a bulldog on a bone
Leaving you lost and alone
I did not do what you heard
You're being very absurd
Faithful and true I have been
I have never given in
To any flirty advances
From men with sexual glances
Never straying that's not me
You have my whole loyalty
The rumors are just bad lies
Look into my loving eyes
Really close and you'll regret
Any chance you might have let
Your mind go to a dark place
It's a wrongful large disgrace
You had ever thought of it
Throwing you into a fit
Of worry I'd ever leave
I will give you a reprieve
Calm down let's go back in time
Believe me you'll always be mine