Love Poem: I Tried But Cant Do It His Way
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Written by: Anil Deo

I Tried But Cant Do It His Way

Go placidly amid the guile, ingratitude, and hate, he said
Max Ehrmann, we believe, trumpeted the peace of silence
In that famous poem, urban legend says, found in a Baltimore church
Go placidly amid chaos? Alone?  I asked even as I attempted
But jinxed myself in making a mantra of I can't do so much

Was I not made for communion? As with the first Adam, or Homo Sapien
Or even Australopithecines, and homo Erectus (Handy human, homo habilis)?
We all have had our romantic moments, heroes, Romeo, Wendolene
O how I miss the angry determination and dignity of youth
Integrity before Eternity; life's increasing lessons in humility