Love Poem: I LOVE you
Zack Brule Avatar
Written by: Zack Brule

I LOVE you

I LOVE YOU can be communicated and heard
But the action of LOVE is more than just words
It's more than just letters
It should be used as a verb
An action that is given
A feelng so superb
REAL LOVE last forever
And true LOVE never fades
If you say that "you have loved"
I will be questioning your faith 
Because REAL LOVE last forever
It doesn't gradually just change
It's a feeling deep with in 
that nothing should persuade
The four letter word used by many
depending on the language
Some letters are prone to change
Although the definition remains the same
So when I say I LOVE YOU 
I mean it so sincerely
I end it with your name.
Je T'aime

Zack Brule