Love Poem: I Love, I Live
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Written by: Mitchell Griswold

I Love, I Live

I love, I live
by M. Griswold

I love, I live in an interim of time, a moments rhyme.
One foot forward and a foot behind, suspended in time.
A place not past nor future tense but of a middle space.
My spirit caught in the center of an existence's grace.

Crying for that which I have cheaply given away.
Longing for that which I will surely gain someday.
But for now I have such an amount of little either.
I live and love in stillness's shallow nowhere neither.

Multiple zones of which I'm a single resident apart.
They tear at me and my fragile, pale, lonely heart.
When will my cuckoo clock start to tick in whole.
So that I may live and love as one fully, solid soul.