Love Poem: Hummming a Tune - Lyric Contest
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Written by: Seren Roberts

Hummming a Tune - Lyric Contest

Snuggled cosily in a blanket of love Eyes tightly shut, listening to above Where the robin chirps his merry song Guarding his garden from the throng I hummm a merry tune Strings of violins pass through my mind Mournfully and sad if to remind me of days of yore when love was great How did that feeling turn to hate I hummm a soulful tune Sun is setting here to shine elsewhere Reminds me of how I still care for life, for love's music fills my soul I close my eyes to slumber, to recall, hummming a sleepy tune
Penned 12/03/18 Contest : Lullaby in the sunset run by Vermilion Scythe