Love Poem: Home Thoughts From Abroad
Buhagiar Victor Avatar
Written by: Buhagiar Victor

Home Thoughts From Abroad

The half moon shimmered wanly as she wrote
“Dearest, do you realize how much I miss you?
How long will your trip abroad take?
Here I am in empty rich, luxury mansion.
A hovel with you would have been better.
Or perhaps you do not love me anymore?”

Thus the letter arrived in my posh Rome hotel.
I could not help but let a lonely tear drop down
And smudge the words written there.
Why can’t I find the courage to write a full letter?
Only fragments have I written, not worth sending.

The show goes on and all around me were the so-called friends.
Yet I have none, absolutely none.  One day I’ll disappear, 
Leave Rome and go back to my home sweet home.