Love Poem: for the love of famew
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Written by: Jan Hansen

for the love of famew

For the love of fame

I loved cows sent from the children's home
to a farm because I was in opposition
My job was to milk seven cows in the morning
clean their stalls, muck out, and strew
straws so they could lie down and not be mucky
Cows are clean animals if you see a dirty one 
it is because they are neglected 
by human helpers
It was not easy to be a cow in Norway
 the winter
is long they had to stay indoors till spring
they were interested in other things I did 
I was famous I  never, had had
 the need to be  famous again,
believe me, it makes you think  that perhaps you
are great, only to realize you
are conduits for other people's problem